Close your curtains; you never know who will be looking in your windows!
A Word About Pets

Pets are an integral part of Woodbridge, but they impose additional responsibilities on their owners.  In
particular pets must be cleaned up after immediately.  Dogs must be leashed at all times when outside and their
barking must be controlled.  Pets may not be left unattended on decks or in any other common area at any time.
What to a pet owner may be an incidental bark may be extremely irritation to a sleeping neighbor.  Please be a
considerate pet owner and neighbor.

What Can I Plant?

Several owners have asked what they can plant around their homes.  The universal answer is to submit any
plans you may have about plantings to the Landscape Committee, using the Application for Exterior Modification
form to obtain approval.  While this may seem overly restrictive, there are many very good reasons why the
Landscape Committee must be involved.  For example, over time trees planted too close to the homes grow to a
height at which they fill the gutters with seeds, leaves and branches.  They also alter the grade around
foundations and window wells creating drainage problems.  The Association has a history of damage to the
irrigation system done during plantings and as plants mature they can interfere with the irrigation system.  The
choice of plants also has a bearing on what kind of pests are attracted to the community and consequently what
pest control will be required.  This is a partial list of the issues involved in selecting plant material and its
placement.  The safe thing to do is to discuss any planting with the Landscape Committee.

Other Exterior Changes

This is the perennial reminder to obtain approval for any modifications you might be considering to the exterior
of your home.  This includes installation of or replacement of windows, doors, skylights, satellite dishes, et

Who Do I Call?

The Board would like you to contact our management company (COURTNEY AND COURTNEY)with any
problems, complaints, requests, et cetera.  They are prepared to deal with these matters and can be reached at
719) 260-8216 or by e-mail at steve.kouri@courtneyandcourtney.com.  We would ask that you attempt to
contact them during normal business hours, however, if you are reporting a situation which is time critical such
as a free flowing irrigation break, they can be called at any time.  If you do not reach them live, follow the
instructions on their voice mail.
"No more sorting - Everything in one Bin"
Acceptable items:

Corrugated Cardboard (flattened cut into 2ft by 2ft pieces)
Office Paper
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Brown Paper Bags
Newspapers and all Inserts
Plastic Containers #1-7
Glass Bottles and Jars
Aluminum Cans and Foil
Steel and Tin Cans
Empty Aerosol Cans

You can continue to use the recycling tubs you currently have, or you can
purchase a new 96 gallon toter.
Customer Service: 719-632-8877