Woodbridge is a community of townhomes located in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the
foot of Cheyenne Mountain and three miles south of the business district.

Founded in 1981 on ten acres of prime real estate off of Broadmoor Valley Road.  
Woodbridge was built in five phases and completed in 1983.  The uniqueness of
Woodbridge lies in the triangular shape of the property with two sides exposed to the
golfing fairways of the prestigious Country Club of Colorado. Sixty four townhomes
cover the property with thirty eight having decks facing the Country Club's fairways.

Woodbridge features quality architectural design with a distinctive land plan of beautiful
landscaping surrounding 26 ranch and 38 two story townhomes. The golf course,
mountain, waterfall, and lake vistas create one of the most desirable communities in the
Pike Peak region.

The Woodbridge center amenity features two wooden bridges directing to a rocky area
with a pond containing exotic fish, small waterfalls and rapids located among huge
boulders obtained during excavation of the townhomes lower levels.  Also featured is a
community center deck for social gatherings.

No fences confine the Woodbridge area giving it an open feeling of unobstructed outdoor

Woodbridge is an association of homeowners and the Board of Directors are elected by
homeowners to conduct the business of the association and to operate and govern the
maintenance and use of the common area.  The Board has the power to uphold rules and
regulations in accordance with Woodbridge covenants.